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Nature and gratitude

By Anna Yue Sept. 28, 2023 Nature has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and as the world moves increasingly quicker, such ability to rebound becomes more valuable.

Like many others, Kevin Tibbs, Science Department, finds peace and enjoyment in spending time with nature, but the amount of time he allocates towards this pastime significantly has decreased as Tibbs transitioned to married life and placed more emphasis on deepening relationships.

Tibbs now dedicates much of his time to his family and friends. Through experiencing love and loss over time, Tibbs developed the mantra “live with an attitude of gratitude” and not hold back any words of love and appreciation. Although his priorities shifted to his family, Tibbs still managed to find ways to connect his passion for nature and his commitment to loved ones.

For many years, Tibbs has enjoyed venturing outdoors and rock climbing, as well as the friendly communities these hobbies provided. Recently, Tibbs merged his love for nature with his family’s interest by selecting outdoor activities that appealed to both him and his wife, such as pickleball and camping. They organized camping excursions and transformed their SUV into a portable resting haven, which was frequently camped out of. The back of the car was modified into a cozy sleeping accommodation by tearing down the seats and attaching extension platforms. Now, they can sleep and cook in the convenience of their car.

The modification had another unexpected use—a comfortable resting place for after a long day. As a physician, Tibbs’ wife often worked night shifts, and Tibbs would occasionally camp out in the parking lot of her hospital, waiting for his wife to join him when her shift was over.

“We often do not appreciate enough what our friends and family do for us, so I want to encourage all students to express their love and appreciation to those around them, and not be afraid to tell people you love them. It makes them happy, and makes your love understood,” Tibbs said.

Therefore, Tibbs advises all students to openly and freely express their appreciation, because gratitude and affection can often be difficult to recognize without clear expression. Invariably, gratitude leads to greater happiness and positive emotions for both ends, and it really is meaningful to express whenever genuine.


About the Contributors

Anna Yue staff writer Anna Yue is a sophomore staff writer for The Charger Account. During her free time, she enjoys crocheting, sleeping, watching dramas, listening to music and reading web novels.

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