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By Suvia Li Dec. 15, 2022

When it comes to curating pleasant atmospheres indoors, nothing beats growing house plants—from lush aglaonema to fuschia-pink dahlias. However, it can be difficult to consistently take good care of plants. With over five million users across iOS and Google Play, Planta is a top-rated plant care app designed to assist in maintaining happy and healthy plants.

Upon opening the app, prospective plant parents select their interest and skill level in plant care, from low or hopeless to high or master. Because different plant species demand different levels of commitment, the app recommends specific plants based on individual choices.

Then, Planta directs its users to add their own existing plants. Hundreds of choices appear in a list on the screen and pressing one reveals another series of selections: location, average amount of light received, distance from a window, repotting status and pot material. An optional final step is giving the plant a name; I named the Echeveria succulent sitting in my kitchen Steve.

Planta’s main utility is its smart care reminders. Depending on the type of plant and its location, the app sends reminders at set time intervals to complete specific tasks, such as watering and misting. I receive a watering notification every 32 days for Steve, a relatively low-maintenance succulent.

Although the app is completely free to download, access to its advanced features requires an upgrade to Planta Premium. One such feature it unlocks is Dr. Planta—a virtual “plant doctor” that diagnoses and recommends treatments for sick plants based on a scan of the plant.

Planta’s user interface is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate; its earthy green tones perfectly match the plants. Plant enthusiasts can further customize their platform by uploading photos, keeping a record of each plant growth over time.

I have used Planta for about a month and my plants are thriving. As someone who is forgetful, I found its watering prompts extremely helpful; they have eliminated the pressure I place on myself to remember when each plant needs to be watered. From its practical reminders to its beautiful design, Planta is a must-try for experienced and aspiring houseplant owners.


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Suvia Li

opinions page editors

Suvia Li is a junior at Leland High School and is the Opinions page editor for The Charger Account. In her free time, she likes eating, napping, crocheting, and listening to music.

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