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Good Pizza, Great Pizza

By Suvia Li Feb. 15, 2023

After beating me at Word Hunt, my cute friend Inseo sent me an iMessage sticker of a muscular cartoon man dressed in a white chef’s hat and apron, laughing menacingly. Inseo informed me that this man was the infamous antagonist Alicante from Good Pizza, Great Pizza—a restaurant simulation game launched in 2014. Intrigued by the character, I decided to download the game.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza’s premise is simple: users become a new pizza shop owner, learning to take orders from customers, assemble toppings and bake pizzas. The game cycles through 100 unique characters, including Dracula and Elvis Presley, who walk into the shop one at a time and place an order. Deciphering the often-ambiguous orders of the customers is a fun challenge. For example, one of my customers asked for a pizza that would help lower their risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer “...with basil.” After guessing the type of pizza desired, I manually assemble the order by spreading sauce and cheese onto the dough, adding toppings like eggplant and mushrooms, baking the pizza, slicing it and placing it in a box.

The game is organized into chapters, each of which are composed of about 25 days and cover different developments in the restaurant’s storyline such as attending pizza convention and facing off against new antagonists. Each day lasts 12 hours and at the end of each day, players are shown a summary of their finances. Cash can be used in the game’s shop to unlock more toppings, purchase furniture and decorations—I secured a skinny cactus and a retro neon open sign—and hire helpers to complete tasks such as sprinkling pepperoni.

The game’s art style is comforting, with a warm color palette featuring sunset orange and pastel pink. Additionally, there are whimsical sound effects that add to its relaxed ambiance: the soft plops of placing toppings on pizza, the gibberish that customers communicate in and the gentle soundtrack.

Playing Good Pizza, Great Pizza has been an enjoyable experience—from its delightful design to its enigmatic characters, it is perfect for anyone looking for an entertaining and easy-to-learn game.


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Suvia Li

opinions editor

Suvia Li is a junior at Leland High School and is the Opinions page editor for The Charger Account. In her free time, she likes eating, napping, crocheting, and listening to music

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