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Food Review: Vitality Bowls

By Suvia Li April 7, 2022

Located in the corner of Almaden Ranch Square amidst a multitude of retailers, eateries and supermarkets is Vitality Bowls: a superfood café founded in 2011 in an effort to introduce healthy food to a wider audience, especially those with food allergies. I was prompted to check out the eatery by its glowing online reviews and wide selection of menu options including açaí bowls, smoothies, salad bowls, wraps and freshly-pressed juices.

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Walking into the café, I immediately noticed a row of colorful menus hanging on its crisp white walls. The interior appeared artistic and streamlined: an accent wall painted with a deep shade of purple reminiscent of the restaurant’s signature açaí bowl stood next to the checkout counter, while long black frustum-shaped lights hung down from the ceiling. Along the walls, cool-toned wooden panels extended down to gray and blue faux-leather seats, set beside small taupe-brown tables.

I placed my order on the website before arriving; it includes the shop’s monthly special, the IncrediBowl—an açaí bowl with a base of açaí, pitaya, banana, blueberry, almond butter, moringa and almond milk topped with granola, strawberries, mulberries and honey.

The food was served in a medium-sized white paper bowl. After peeling open the container’s opaque plastic lid and admiring the berries and slices of fruit that glistened on top of the thick purple smoothie, I began individually tasting each of the toppings. The golden mulberries had a rich and sugary flavor with a texture resembling a mix of raspberries and licorice. The strawberries were juicy and refreshing, while the blueberries were slightly tart. The chunks of granola were sweet and crunchy, enhancing the taste of the smoothie and other toppings.

Meanwhile, the base of the smoothie bowl was blended smoothly, resembling a yogurt-like consistency. After sampling a scoop of the smoothie, a sweet and refreshing flavor hit my taste buds, followed by a rich almond aftertaste. When I combined the base and the toppings in a single bite, the crunchy and chewy textures from the toppings contrasted with the creamy blend and created a pleasant combination. Feeling “revitalized” by the sweet and chilly food, I swiftly finished the remnants of the bowl.

From its elegant interior design to its wide array of superfood dishes, Vitality Bowls is a must-try for those looking to expand their palette and eat a healthy meal.


About the Contributor

Suvia Li

Artist & Staff Writer

Suvia Li is a sophomore at Leland High school. She is a staff writer and artist for The Charger Account. During her free time, she enjoys cooking, eating, and listening to music.

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