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College week aims to motivate students

By Lia Yereslove November 10, 2022

As college application deadlines draw closer, the school’s academic counselors hosted the annual college week from Oct. 17 to Oct. 21 to motivate and assist seniors through the application process. The week kicked off with a UC personal insight questions workshop on Monday. On Tuesday, a Q&A panel was held in the media center, where recent graduates of UC Irvine, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo and the University of Michigan shared their post-college experiences and the factors they considered when choosing their college.

“The goal of College Week is to promote college-going culture through engaging events and activities. We facilitate this week to highlight and inform students about post-high school options and pathways,” 11th grade Academic Counselor Carolina Quiroz said.

On Friday during lunch, the counselors led two activities for seniors. In the media center, Quiroz held a Kahoot game to quiz the seniors on their college knowledge. Outside the CRC, a photo booth was set up.

The Kahoot trivia encouraged students to learn more about college, careers and the college journeys of various celebrities. The trivia included questions about the type of college some famous celebrities attended and what colleges people of certain professions attended. For example, one question revealed that only 11% of Fortune 100 CEOs went to an Ivy League school.

Students could choose from an array of college pennants—including San Jose State University, UC Irvine, San Jose City College and Harvard University—where students would snap photos with their friends. goal write-ups around the campus.

Tia Nguyen, the DCAC College Advisor played a key role in planning the event. Preparations involved creating presentations, reaching out to potential panelists, purchasing prizes and college gear, and advertising the events online and around campus. This years college week marks the first since the pandemic, as past two years College Week events have been mostly held online and workshop-focused.

Now that College Week at school has made a return, these activities offer students useful information on post-graduation options. These activities including goal write-ups, providing interesting facts about colleges, and support through the application process.


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Outside of Journalism, she enjoys hanging with her friends, her dog, listening and playing music, as well as traveling the world. And, of course, writing about it.

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