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Charlie’s Cheesecake Works: Delectable bites of joy

By Hannah Moon Oct. 15, 2020

Ivan Zhu Art

Rating: (5/5) Perfect to snack on, diverse flavors, and friendly staff.

Situated among a few quaint shops in Redwood plaza, Charlie’s Cheesecake Works has provided customers with handmade gourmet cheesecakes for over a decade. From “the classic” to “raspberry white chocolate,” the bakery boasts forty different flavors along with seasonal favorites.

The noticeably compact storefront featured a humble but colorful sign, while the simple and rustic interior of the shop suggested its extensive history. As I entered the store, I faced a wall lined with enormous steel refrigerators. On one side, there hung a plain blackboard menu of the flavors the store offers. Right away, the shop’s friendly owner cordially greeted me and offered some samples—but I knew exactly what I was going to try.

Encouraged by its positive online reviews, I ordered a twelve-pack of Charlie’s Poppers—assorted mini cheesecake bites of the most popular flavors. My order contained twelve vibrantly-colored cheesecakes with flavors of raspberry, strawberry, lime, chocolate, blueberry and coffee. They came packaged in a thin plastic container that cleverly minimized refrigerator space.

As soon as I opened the box, the delightful scents permeated the room. Each of the mini cakes were delicately crafted, and each cup perfectly sized to constitute a single bite. The tanginess of the cream cheese perfectly complemented each of the individual flavors. There was no single flavor that overpowered another. Before visiting the store, I was concerned that the cakes would be too sugary but there was an excellent balance of sweetness and tartness. On the other hand, the rich chocolate-flavored cakes were extremely creamy and melted immediately in my mouth. As with all cheesecakes, the cheesecake bite featured a thin crust at the bottom. The crust was perfectly crisp with a subtle hint of sweetness.

During my time at Charlie’s Cheesecake Works, not only were the staff members amiable, but the menu offered a wide variety of flavors. The cheesecake bites are perfect to snack on, and overall, they are worth it. I will definitely be visiting the store often.


About the Contributor

Hannah Moon

Opinions Editor

Hannah Moon is a Junior at Leland High School. She is the page editor for Opinions and the food columnist for this year. Aside from growing up in San Jose, she has lived in Shanghai for 7 years.

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