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Top 7 Quarantine Things To Do

May Issue

Serena Atkinson, Ridge Coffey, Hannah Moon

Staff Writers

Published May 29, 2020

About the Contributors

Starting New Hobbies

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“I used to be totally inept in the kitchen; I would be hard-pressed to even wash a dish. Since the beginning of the shelter in place, I have had plenty of time on my hands and a kitchen at my disposal practically 24/7 — the only thing that was standing between me and eating all my food cravings was a lack of culinary knowledge, so I decided to fix that. I have learned how to make a few simple dishes, mostly different types of pasta.”

- Junior Noora Soroushnejad

“Even though I have missed out on events I have been looking forward to all year, quarantine has also been essential in allowing me to take the time to explore new hobbies. Lately, I have been a lot more focused on self-care, whether that has been through painting, baking or even applying twenty different types of face masks.”

- Senior Anusha Kansal

Spending Time With Family

Students have been able to spend more time with their family due to the quarantine, and some are using
this time to bond. Junior Karen Nakanishi has been going on walks with her sisters and playing games with her family after dinner, while Junior Jenny Kim has been doing jigsaw puzzles and watching one movie per day with her family.

“Every Friday, my sister and I have a designated movie night where we make hot chocolate and popcorn and then watch an old movie from the ’60s or ’70s.” 

- Sophomore Rachel Qian

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Working Out

"I have been running everyday and using the pull up bar, dumbbells and the yoga mat I have at home to stay in shape for the next cross country and track session. Working out has helped distract me from missing my friends and it is a healthy way of staying mentally sane during this stressful event.”

- Freshman Connie Zhou

“Working out during quarantine is a great way of staying in shape and taking care of your body. Even though it is uncertain of whether college will start in the fall, I want to begin the next chapter of my life looking and feeling good, strong and confident.”

- Senior Natasha Denton

Studying for AP Tests

With schools closed due to the quarantine, students have copious amounts of free time and many students
have used this time to study for Advanced Placement (AP) and other standardized tests. Junior Peter Chong
takes the time to practice guitar and Junior Matthew Lee has been learning about train routs, both making sure to maintain a balance between hobbies and studying for tests.

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Following Popular Quarantine Trends

Students have also participated in different trends that have cropped up during the quarantine. For example,
making Dalgona coffee, a type of whipped coffee made with instant coffee and sugar, was popularized by TikTok. Other trends include tie-dyeing clothes, exchanging recipes, making banana bread and cinnamon rolls and baking bread.

Hosting Facebook and Netflix Watch Parties

Spring concerts and festivals have been cancelled worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to help their fans cope with the isolation, musicians have been hosting online concerts through social platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Students have also been bonding with friends and family by hosting watch parties of movies or television shows on Facebook and Netflix. Shows like the documentary series Tiger King and dramas such as Ozark have become popular during the quarantine.

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“Fueled by the need to do something productive but not motivated enough to turn to studying, I found myself turning to a hobby I had once enjoyed: going on hikes. Long walks through nearby trails and hills helped me rediscover the serenity of nature and its ability to help one forget about pre-existing troubles.”

- Senior Claire Han

“I have managed to read 17 books during quarantine so far, and I plan on finishing at least 10 more. It is a reallyrelaxing activity that has helped distract me from all the craziness in the world. I have always loved stories, andbooks are usually the places where I will find the most engrossing ones. With movies, the journey is usually overin less than two hours, but I am able to bond with books over a series of days.”

- Junior Parker Beryersdoerfer

Serena Atkinson

Staff Writer


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