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Perfectly scrumptious: Icing on the Cake

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

By Hannah Moon Dec. 9, 2020

Rating (4/5): variety of cakes & cupcakes, new monthly flavors, on the pricier side.

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Located in downtown Los Gatos, Icing on the Cake offers a variety of sweet treats for special occasions, with anything ranging from birthdays to anniversaries. Whether it be the widely popular banana cakes or the vegan options, the shop offers delicate desserts anyone can enjoy.

Upon arriving at Icing on the Cake’s entrance, I was greeted by a long line of customers—all eager to begin their weekend with a sweet treat. After waiting outside for around 20 minutes, I finally entered the bakery shop. Immediately, a enticing aroma of baked goods filled the air. On the left side of the bakery there was a little booth of colorful baking supplies and miniature gifts.

Assorted cakes were showcased in a glass container, and other containers held rows of colorful assortments of cupcakes. Flavors varied from chocolate to lemon to carrot to special flavors of the months such as salted caramel. After scanning the array of cupcakes displayed on the counter, I asked for three: salted caramel, fresh banana and luscious lemon.

The texture was extremely soft, but was perfectly complemented by the flavors of the cupcake.

Much like the name of the bakery, each cupcake had ample frosting and delicate decoration. The texture was extremely soft, but was perfectly complemented by the flavors of the cupcake. With a selection of the three cupcakes, I chose to try the salted caramel first. The chocolate frosting was slightly overpowering but not too Hannah Moon Photo

sweet. The texture of the icing was soft

and balanced perfectly with the decadent cake. The cake had hints of salted caramel. Afterwards, I tried the banana cupcake, a banana cake coated with a thick mixture of cream cheese frosting. The cake was very moist and crumbled easily, but I was surprised to see how well the cream cheese frosting blended with the banana cake. I saved my personal favorite for last, which was the luscious lemon cupcake. The lemon flavored batter provided a refreshing zest of citrus flavor, with little hints of vanilla in the frosting.

On the whole, the flavor of the cupcakes were definitely elevated by the rich frosting. Although Icing on the Cake is on the pricier side, the bakery’s decadent sweet treats make it the perfect place for any occasion.


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Hannah Moon

Opinions Editor

Hannah Moon is a junior this year at Leland High School and is the page editor for the Opinions page. Asides from growing up in San Jose, she has lived in Shanghai for 7 years.

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