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Infidelity Among Media Influencers

By Lia Yereslove November 10, 2022

At a steakhouse in Burbank, California, Ned Fulmer, a former member of the comedy television show, Try Guys, was caught cheating on his wife and kissing another woman by an anonymous individual, who filmed the interaction on their cell phone and sent it to Fulmer’s wife as well as posted it on the Internet. Recently, multiple scandals have quickly arisen on media platforms regarding the infidelity of numerous media influencers and celebrities, who have all been considered “family men'' and “loving husbands to the public”—Fulmer is merely one example.

Fulmer was revealed to be having an affair with Try Guys associate producer, Alexandria Herring. The company reacted by editing him out of videos and officially removing him as a manager and employee from the company on Sept. 16. Now a trio, the remaining members of the Try Guys released a video earlier this month to explain the conflict with Fulmer. They detailed how the company decided they could not continue working with him after his inappropriate conduct and how it has affected their company’s image as a whole.

“What Ned Fulmer did was unacceptable and very off-brand for both his company and the image he has presented for himself. I wholeheartedly agree with the Try Guys’ decision to remove Ned. Their conduct was very professional; they took every action carefully, from how they removed him from the company and as a manager,” Junior Sharokina Williams said.

The Internet has been fraught with debates ever since the cheating scandal, and although many social media users share a similar standpoint with Williams, many have been questioning why Fulmer was removed at all, with hashtags such as #BringBackNed appearing on Twitter.

“I’m surprised they fired Fulmer. This incident is more of a personal matter than a business matter. It does not seem like something that would affect the business,” Junior Ryan Mahinfallah said.

Joining the list of recent infidelity scandals was Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Levine drew massive backlash after an allegation emerged last month that he had cheated on his pregnant wife Behati Prinsloo with Instagram model Sumner Stroh. A few days after news of Levine’s cheating scandal broke, actress Nia Long grabbed headlines when the NBA team Boston Celtics suspended her husband,

Jane Hong Art

head coach Ime Udoka, for one year following an investigation into his alleged relationship with a junior member of the Celtics staff.

These scandals received attention on numerous social media platforms, increasing exposure to the public. The effect this kind of media coverage has on consumers has both benefits and drawbacks. Critics claim that this widespread discussion might normalize infidelity for younger generations. However, others believe anger towards infidelity in the media actually paints it in a negative light.

“The Ned Fulmer scandal positively impacts the younger generation because it demonstrates how having an affair is immoral, especially when the same person preaches loyalty to their significant other. Fulmer has received backlash and criticism for his actions, and it teaches the younger generation that there are consequences for these actions,” Senior Brandon Mohr said.

As the influence of social media expands over the years, the effect these recent cheating scandals have on younger generations’ perceptions of infidelity remains unknown.


About the Contributors

Lia Yereslove

Staff Writer

Lia Yereslove is a junior at Leland High school, and proud to be one. She is a new staff writer on the Leland Charger Account and cannot wait for readers to see what this incredible newspaper has in store.

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