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Get Up

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

By James Yu Sept. 28, 2023

As I wake up to afternoon rays of sunshine slipping through the cracks in my blinds, there is one thing that motivates me to get out of bed on those serene summer days: listening to the new NewJeans extended play (EP)!

Loud and bold, K-pop girl group NewJeans’ newest set of six songs, released on July 21, in the EP “Get Up” encapsulates the spirit of summer. The EP opens with “New

Jeans” which introduces the listener to a new NewJeans—filled with expressive synths, presto speed beat and reinventive lyrics. The song expresses what NewJeans is going for in their new EP best: “New hair, new tee, NewJeans do you see?”

Following “New Jeans” is the EP’s hit lead single “Super Shy.” With its fast tempo and avant-garde instrumental, it is not shy in its ability to get people moving. Its energy leaves no question as to why the song’s over-the-top dance has exploded across TikTok and Instagram, with netizens putting their own unique twists onto the dance in order to compete with others over who can get the most “Super Shy.”

Not to be outdone, the next song after “Super Shy,” “ETA,” follows in its predecessor’s footsteps of musical ingenuity. Incorporating a proud bass accompaniment and a catchy beat, “ETA” gets listeners into the fun and excitement of the summer.

However, “Get Up” has more to offer than just summer hits. Single "Cool with You” offers listeners a calm and refined yet rhythmic and vocally brilliant song for the calm summer nights. Similarly, the single “ASAP” mimics the songs which precede it, combining the calm vocals from “Cool with You” with the crescendoing mood of “ETA.” Unfortunately, while the fifth track of the EP, “Get Up,” evokes the tranquility of relaxation, it feels more like a sample than an actual song due to its brief 36 second run time, leaving much to be desired.

Although the summer has come and gone as fast as a full listen of the EP takes (12 minutes), I still find myself returning back again and again to “ETA” and “Super Shy”

whenever my schoolwork builds up and my motivation reaches record-breaking lows. Whether the sun is shining or snow is falling, whether I have a math test the next day

or a Minecraft session with my friends until long after the sun sets, NewJeans’ new EP will always have a place in my playlist.


About the Contributors

James Yu

staff writer

James Yu is a sophomore at Leland High School and a staff writer for The Charger Account. During his free time, he's obsessing over Speech and Debate, an active Boy Scout, and hanging out with friends.

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