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Drama stages their new show: “Lockers”

By Sophia Qin Dec. 8, 2021

Senior Irene Kang checks over the script at a drama

rehearsal after school in the cafeteria. Bertina Fan Photo

The school’s drama program exhibits students’ performance techniques and passion for acting through a series of plays and musicals. With quick costume changes and numerous props, the plays put on by the drama class aim to appeal to the greater student audience.

The plays and musicals are decided by Melissa Webb, English Department and Drama Advisor, but due to her maternity leave, students looked through previews of online plays that could be easily directed without Webb’s lead. Therefore, the students decided to choose “Lockers”—a play that showcases high school life, problems and politics—as the first show of the year. Since the play is about high school, the students believed that the student body would relate to it.

Drama students test their new microphone equipment. Bertina Fan Photo

In order to prepare, the ‘council of elders’—four student directors who each directed three scenes of the play—was created. During their weekly Monday meetings, the ‘council of elders’ discussed their agenda of the week, goals for the play and problems that arose in the past week.

“Teamwork plays an immense role in drama. It is more effective when we make decisions together rather than making them independently,” Head of Set, Senior Sophia Han said.

Senior Irene Kang, Council member and Co-Head of Publicity, explains that the purpose of drama is to be on stage as a team. Consequently, due to the collaboration required amongst drama students, Kang highlights that the transition from in-person to online learning was difficult: plays and musicals performed online did not resemble live shows. Therefore, the drama team was excited to be back and relieved to physically build props and tools.

Junior Skylar Giamonna adjusts technical settings during a drama rehearsal. Desiree Vu-De Leon Photo

This year, the drama crew was supplied with numerous new equipment, such as a new light system, soundboard and projector. However, without Webb’s guidance, the students had difficulty figuring out how to utilize the new equipment.

“It was extremely challenging for the first couple of weeks. Nobody knew how to operate the new light system—we tried clicking random buttons in hopes that something would work,” Senior Andrew Fisher, Head of Light, said.

Fisher was finally able to make the lights operate after reading parts of a six hundred page manual. Now that Webb is back, the preparation for “Lockers” has run more efficiently.

Drama hopes to encapsulate the audience’s attention and present an engaging performance for the students and staff through their new play. Despite the challenges they faced this semester, the students are looking forward to continuing to exhibit future plays and musicals.


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Sophia Qin

Staff Writer

Sophia Qin is a freshman at Leland High School and a staff writer for The Charger Account. During her free time, she loves dancing, baking, reading, hanging out with friends and family, and drawing.

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Bertina Fan is a junior at Leland High School and is a staff writer for the Charger Account. She likes photography, cats, and playing games.

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Desiree is a high schooler at Leland High School and contributes to The Charger Account. She has a large variety of hobbies from bird watching to collecting pressed pennies.

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