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"A perfect blend of citrus and pineapple": Trying the Dole whip at Willow Glen Creamery

By Hannah Moon April 28th, 2021

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Rating: (5/5) Wide variety of ice cream, low calorie desserts, dairy free options.

Nested in downtown Willow Glen, Willow Glen Creamery offers a classic and affordable selection of ice cream and frozen yogurt, with prices ranging from four to seven dollars. Unlike other ice cream parlors, however, the dessert shop offers the popular pineapple Dole whip, which was created by Dole Food Company in 1984 and has become synonymous with Disney where it is famously served. Since then, it has practically gained a cult following from Disneyland-goers. Excited to try the pineapple soft serve, I approached the shop with great anticipation.

As I entered the shop, I noticed an immediate fragrance of syrup and waffles. The shop was not very big; it held just enough space for a few machines, freezers, and a narrow pathway for customers to stroll around. Its freezers held a limited selection of ice cream, all labelled as handmade. Next to the freezer were trays of candy and waffles organized by color, which was very aesthetically pleasing. Their vibrantly decorated menu board depicted the flavors of the day for the Dole whips: strawberry, raspberry and pineapple. I asked for the pineapple dole whip, along Hannah Moon Photo

with an original frozen yogurt and a

lemon sorbet.

With the perfect blend of citrus and pineapple juice, I felt like I was on a vacation on a tropical island...

On a bench next to a nice water fountain and some pretty flowers, I finally tried the Dole whip, which immediately melted in my mouth and had a unique tangy flavor. With the perfect blend of citrus and pineapple juice, I felt like I was on a vacation on a tropical island— something I am sure many of us need. I then sampled the classic frozen yogurt which was also a popular dessert from the shop. The yogurt had the perfect amount of creaminess and the smooth texture of the yogurt was simply magnificent. To balance out the distinct milky flavor, I took a bite of the lemon sorbet. To my disappointment however, there was not much of a lemon flavor present, but rather an excessively sugary attempt at emphasizing tanginess.

Willow Glen’s creamery offers a variety of desserts ranging from banana floats, to fruity sorbets. For the upcoming summer and for anyone who loves ice cream but is lactose intolerant, the dairy-free Dole whip dessert is perfect for you!

A wide selection of ice cream flavors at Willow Glen Creamery. Hannah Moon Photo


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Hannah Moon

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Hannah Moon is a junior this year at Leland High School and is the page editor for the Opinions page. Asides from growing up in San Jose, she has lived in Shanghai for 7 years.

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