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Welcoming New Staff

By Amie Ahn, Ariel Lee and Anna Yue Sept. 28, 2023

Ahn-Kiet Tran

AP of Student Services

Tran spent his first 19 years in education teaching elementary school. Now, he hopes to build strong relationships with everyone involved in the school community, including students, teachers and parents. He looks forward to watching Charger athletes compete in sports this year.

Evan Brown

AP of Curriculum & Instruction

Brown grew up in the Bay Area and went to Archbishop Mitty High School. He worked in tech before marrying a teacher, which sparked his interest in teaching. After starting this new career as an English teacher, Brown became an administrator at the school.

Celina Liu Photo

Madison Gill

Department of Special Education

Gill graduated from USC before coming to the school. She had previously worked as a U.S. History teacher and tutor. So far, she has been enjoying her time at the school and appreciates all the support she has received from her coworkers.

Celina Liu Photo

Nathan Lee

Social Science Department

Lee worked in politics before becoming a substitute teacher after COVID, looking for a job with more human interaction. From there, he fell in love with teaching and became a History teacher at the school. He looks forward to improving his teaching craft this year.

Alexander Tsou

9th Grade Counselor

Before coming to the school, Tsou was a para-educator and mental health therapist. Now, he works on developing effective strategies to support students and is pleased to see how dedicated students and staff are to the community. Tsou enjoys eating spicy foods and listening to K-pop.

Celina Liu Photo

Nick Day

Speech Therapist

A graduate of Louisiana State University, Day is excited to be part of the Charger community for his first job at the school. He looks forward to meeting new students and helping them build their confidence and communication skills. Day likes to read and was voted “Most Likely to be Famous” in high school.

Celina Liu Photo

Regina Martinez Campusano

Instructional Aide

Martinez-Campusano has been working at SJUSD as a substitute for more than 20 years. She is looking forward to learning more about the students at the school. She enjoys watching movies and playing all types of sports, especially bowling, baseball and softball.

Celina Liu Photo

Stephanie Porcadas

Licensed Health Tech

Before coming to the school, Porcadas worked at a care facility and a vaccination clinic. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in registered nursing. In her free time, Porcadas enjoys designing digital planners and loves matcha.

Sibel Ilsever

AP of Student Services

Ilsever worked for San Jose Unified for 21 years as a teacher and intervention specialist before becoming an administrator. Building classroom community was her favorite part about being a teacher and she is working to foster a similar sense of community and belonging at this school as an admin. Ilsever is originally from Canada and has three children.

Alexander Ahn

Media Center Technician

Ahn began his career in education as an elementary school teacher, but quickly discovered that the job clashed with his introverted personality. However, after helping out at a book fair and seeing how much the students enjoyed reading, he discovered his passion for working as a librarian. Ahn's job is teaching him important life skills like organization and communication, and he hopes to build a library that is a safe space for students to study and rest. Although he enjoyed teaching, Ahn finds the peace of the library more suitable.


About the Contributors

Amie Ahn

staff writer

Amie Ahn is a freshman at Leland High School and is a writer for The Charger Account. During her free time, she enjoys eating, sleeping and spending time with her friends.

Ariel Lee

staff writer

Ariel Lee is a freshman at Leland High School and is a page writer for her first year in journalism. In her free, she likes to sleep, do nothing, binge shows (k-dramas) and listen to music.

Anna Yue

staff writer

Anna Yue is a sophomore staff writer for The Charger Account. During her free time, she enjoys crocheting, sleeping, watching dramas, listening to music and reading web novels.

Gwen Carroll

Community News and Feature School page editor

Gwen Carroll is a junior and the Page Editor for Community News and Feature School. She enjoys playing rhythm games in her free time. Her favorite subject is English and is interested in psychology and law.

Jude Tantawy


Jude Tantawy is a senior at Leland High School and is an artist for The Charger Account. During her free time, she enjoys drawing, painting, cooking, baking and playing video games. She is always listening to music.

Celina Liu

photo-media team

Celina Liu is a senior at Leland High School and is in the photo-media team for The Charger Account. During her free time, she enjoys watching anime and petting her cat.

Shirin Moaledj

photo-media team

Shirin Moaledj is a junior at Leland High School and is a part of The Charger Account's photo-media team. During her free time, Shirin enjoys boxing, going on drives with her friends and reading.

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