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The future of 3D printing

By Tammy Newman Feb. 15, 2023

Quincy Han Art

The remarkable phenomenon of creating a tangible, tactile object from a mere sketch by the human hand was once unknown to mankind. However, with the rapid progression of technology, science has strikingly introduced a procedure that does just that: 3D printing. 3D printing is a manufacturing process that allows people to create a physical object from a digital model file. The technology uses a technique called an additive process, where the machine lays down successive layers of material until a whole object is completed.

Although 3D printers are commonly used for creating smaller objects such as prototypes, it is now possible for individuals to glean a powerfully built printer that can procure hefty objects. According to NPR, architectural designer Leslie Lok collaborated with Sasa Zivkovic to construct the first ever two-story 3D printed house. Currently, the house is halfway through the two-year process. Lok plans for her new design firm Hannah to expand the scale and efficiency of their 3D printed homes with the hope that 3D printing could avoid construction challenges such as labor shortages and natural disasters.

Considering that the process has been moving smoothly, 3D printing could now potentially help with the housing crisis as well. Because the cost of homes has been rising so rapidly, people have a hard time buying houses; 3D printing could be the resolution to this.

Scientists are always seeking ways to preserve our environment, so there have been a few instances in the past where 3D printers attempted to create houses. Insurance comparison site The Zebra states that over the past few years, construction workers have used 3D printers to build small sections of homes such as walls or basic foundation pieces. Many are looking toward following the same route, considering that 3D printed homes can save on average $10,000 on a project, as stated by All3DP.

“Not only are these homes more sustainable for the environment because they are helping preserve non-renewable resources, but they are also saving expensive material budgets, becoming cheaper than other conventional methods. I would definitely look into purchasing a 3D printed home one day,” Senior Adrian Oshana said.

Manufacturer 30 goes over several 3D printing techniques, some of the most important being customization and eco-printing. Customization is a form of 3D printing where a completely new object by hand design is created, such as jewelry or shoes. Eco-printing, on the other hand, transfers environmental commodities onto fabric or paper, like using plant-based material to make a bag.

3D printing can benefit the working field as well, such as perfecting medical tools or creating them; doctors can now use the process for operations. Not to mention, it has experienced growing popularity as a hobby as well.

“For me, 3D printing is a great way to pass time and relieve stress. I design figurines such as watches with a graphic designer on my computer, and it prints what I draw in a few hours,” Senior Aditya Naire said.

Hence, the growth and popularity of 3D printing have been climbing since its first appearance, suggesting that 3D printing can be a new solution to improve efficiency and the quality of life overall. Simple tasks like installing a window or fixing the floors can now be done more cost-effectively by 3D printing.


About the Contributors

Tammy Newman

staff writer

Tammy Newman is a senior at Leland who writes for the school newspaper. During her free time, she loves spending time with her friends and sleeping

Quincy Han


Quincy is a senior at Leland High School and an artist for The Charger Account. He likes to play video games and listen to Will Wood

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