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Social Symphonies

By Gwen Caroll April 4, 2024

Music has been an integral part of the life of Rian Rodriguez, Visual Performing Arts Department, for as long as he can recall. From his father playing rock songs to alleviate the boredom of chores to his grandfather playing country while babysitting him to the symphonies he regularly attended during elementary school, music has been a constant for Rodriguez since his birth, nestling itself snugly in his heart.

Whether alone or with friends, for a little-known local orchestra or a worldwide sensation, Rodriguez thoroughly enjoys attending concerts. He often takes note of minor details that catch his eye—or rather, his ear—during performances, such as a particularly interesting trumpet solo, an instrument he always pays special attention to. Be it listening or playing, Rodriguez basks in the social aspect of music: that which allows all music lovers, regardless of their level of training, to experience the joy of collaborating with each other to play a piece bigger than themselves.

“I could never call music ‘just a hobby.’ Music has always been my livelihood, even more so now that I teach it here. I love the way it brings like-minded people together in such a way that accepts mistakes and encourages people to help each other. It is undoubtedly one of the best social activities,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez discovered his love for musical collaboration as early as elementary school, where his music classes and the opportunity to join the school’s band captivated him almost immediately. He particularly thrived while conducting for his classmates, having discovered his passion for the art while serving as a substitute conductor.

“Teaching was not always my career goal; I initially wanted to be a conductor. When I first took up teaching, I saw it as an opportunity to be a conductor all day, with the addition that I had to teach sometimes, too. The teaching part grew on me quickly, though, and each year I am at the school, I enjoy it more,” Rodriguez said.

Indeed, Rodriguez grows fonder of his role and his students as the years go by. He still keeps in touch with former students who continue to pursue music in college, traveling to attend their concerts and show his support. Having come to love music through his core childhood experiences, he now works tirelessly to pay it forward, doing his utmost to deliver the same passion to the school’s band members.


About the Contributors

Gwen Caroll

Community News and Feature School Page Editor

Gwen Carroll is a junior and the Page Editor for Community News and Feature School. She enjoys playing rhythm games in her free time. Her favorite subject is English and is interested in psychology and law.

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