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School thrift event offers students the opportunity to shop sustainably

By Claire Pham Apr. 7 2022

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Prompted by the rising popularity of thrifting among Gen Z consumers, the Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted a thrift fundraiser on March 12 in the school cafeteria. The secondhand clothing sale held a myriad of hidden fashion gems, from vintage blazers to corduroy overalls, and offered students the opportunity to shop sustainably, clear out ill-fitting and underused clothing from their closets and support the school financially.

“In addition to helping fundraise for school events, the sale simulated an authentic thrifting experience for students—providing a way for them to have a fun and pleasant time. We will likely donate all the unsold clothes to Goodwill,” Sophomore Rhea Iyer said.

Senior Hailey Pham, the ASB President, first proposed the idea of hosting a thrift sale. Pham collaborated with three event chairs—Iyer, Senior Rachel Chen and Spirit Coordinator and Senior Sofia Daroodi—to plan the thrift fundraiser. After finalizing the budget, materials and location, the team posted flyers around school and promotional videos and posts on Facebook and Instagram—encouraging students to donate their old clothes and attend the event. From March 7 to March 11, ASB set up a table in the quad with large buckets to collect clothing donations.

Entrance to the thrift sale cost seven dollars for non-ASB members and five dollars for ASB members. The event ran from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., but students who donated clothes to the fundraiser were granted access to the cafeteria and allowed to start shopping at 10:30 a.m., thirty minutes prior to the official opening time. Aside from early access, donors also received tickets that could be used to purchase items, which is similar to the idea of store credit.

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In the cafeteria, donated clothes and shoes were stacked on top of tables and hung on clothing racks. The clothing was separated into three pricing tiers based on each individual piece’s brand and condition. Subsequently, they were placed onto tables and clothing racks labeled with either blue, yellow or green balloons or posters to indicate the quality and price of the clothes. High quality and name brand clothing was categorized into the blue pricing tier and priced at 15 dollars. Meanwhile, lightly-worn clothes were placed in the yellow tier and priced at ten dollars and well worn clothing from lesser known brands were organized into the green tier and sold for five dollars.

At the fundraiser, Freshman Tiffany Ng successfully thrifted specific pieces that she wanted to add to her closet. Like several other students who attended the event, she enjoyed supporting the school and helping protect the environment through secondhand shopping.

“I was hoping to find more casual clothing like flannels, which I was able to find at the thrift sale. I like how the event helped students find new clothing, remove old and unwanted clothing from their closets and prevent more waste from ending up in landfills,” Ng said.

Although the event had a lower turnout than expected, many students viewed it as the perfect chance to grab the best pieces. In response to the number of participants, Sophomore Emma Duong proposed organizing a similar event after school, suggesting that it could be an optimal time where more students are free to attend.

ASB members described the thrifting fundraiser as moderately successful. Not only did thrifters leave content with their finds, but ASB was able to raise around $70 to $100 to fund future school events. Ultimately, students who attended the fundraiser cherished the unique experience and successfully diversified their closets while practicing sustainable shopping and helping support the school and the student body.

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