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School enacts tutorial policy change

By Antara Gangwal October 13, 2022

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In August, the school instated a policy requiring students to attend tutorial only in their even period classrooms on their odd period block schedule days and their odd period classrooms on their even period block schedule days, sparking debate among students.

Tutorial is a 42-minute period that occurs after the first class of every block schedule day. Assistant Principal of Student Services

Sara Mingione stated that the school originally implemented tutorial in conjunction with the current block schedule in 2015 to reduce student stress. It provides students with time to catch up on assignments, clarify difficult material with teachers, retake tests and make up missing work. Previously, students could attend any of their teachers’ classrooms for tutorial period, as long as it was open—as each teacher closes their classroom for tutorial once a week.

“Last year, the school faculty noticed many students either socializing in a classroom of their choice or simply wandering the halls during this time period. After holding a meeting to discuss this at the beginning of this school year, we realized that tutorial requires more structure to be utilized for its original purpose,” Mingione said.

By introducing the policy, the school hopes to reestablish tutorial as an academic period and encourage a study hall environment. The rule will allow for teachers to contain the number of students in their classroom during tutorial, preventing large clusters of students from gathering in one class to socialize. According to Roberto Gutiérrez, Foreign Language Department, his classroom has been quieter and emptier during tutorial period lately as the policy requires students to consider what classes they truly need to attend to complete work, instead of simply choosing a classroom to congregate with friends.

“While it was nice to spend time with my friends in any classroom during tutorial last year, I noticed an increase in my productivity during tutorial in the past few weeks, so I do not mind this policy,” Junior Nia Wong said.

The rule is beneficial for some, but other students are experiencing complications because many teachers are closed for tutorial on the days that their students are permitted to attend their class. Sophomore Izabella Knight revealed that she can only attend her P.E. tutorial in the gymnasium on Wednesdays, even though there is no work she needs to complete for the class, as all of her other teachers’ classrooms are closed for tutorial that day. This prevents Knight from attending other classes where she may need to meet the teacher for academic support. Furthermore, students who miss school for a long period of time may experience difficulties when attending tutorial to make up work if they are not allowed to meet with the same teacher every day.

“I think that the policy has its own pros and cons, neither outweighing the other. It will take time, but eventually we will be accustomed to the changes,” Gutiérrez said.

The policy will stay in place for the rest of the grading period, and its efficacy will be reevaluated afterward. The school will determine whether it will be established as a permanent rule based on feedback from students and teachers.


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Antara Gangwal is a sophomore at Leland High School and is a staff writer for The Charger Account. Her hobbies include reading, watching films and listening to music.

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