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Prom affordability meets environmentalism

By Niru Shivakumar April 4, 2024

With the average American family spending over $900 on prom, this cornerstone event to the high school experience often becomes difficult for many families to afford, causing several different problems for students on a personal and community level. Considering the prices for dresses, the ticket itself, as well as transportation, the bill can rack up to be an extremely large and unreasonable amount. However, through the Instagram account, Senior Sara Icaza helps prom attendees buy, sell, or rent gently worn gowns online both at an affordable price and in a way that promotes environmental sustainability. Through the account, buyers can get stylish dresses at a fraction of the original price, and sellers may find a new home for their gently used clothing.

“I wanted to sell my prom dress, and I had other friends who wanted to sell theirs too. It gave me the idea to create a platform where other students can also sell or rent their dresses in hopes that it would also help people who did not want to spend or are not able to not spend too much money on a prom dress,” Icaza said.

 By encouraging a feeling of community and shared responsibility, Icaza acts as a catalyst for change, making sure that everyone can take part in this iconic high school event without going over budget or adding to needless trash. Financial obstacles often accompany prom attendance as many students and their families find the costs of the event to be prohibitive. The work of the account is particularly significant in light of the differences in prom attendance among students of different economic backgrounds—many students are excluded from the event because the high price. presents a financial burden, which reinforcing social and economic inequality. 

Dana Lim Art

Prom attendance has a substantial environmental cost in addition to financial ones, largely due to the one-time use nature of prom dresses. The gas and chemical leachates that emerge during the decomposition of clothing pollute the air, soil and groundwater and negatively impact the environment and health of humans and other species. However, by prolonging the lifetime of prom dresses by renting or reselling them, students can help curb this problem of textile waste. is more than just an Instagram account; it stands as a powerful platform that redefines how high school students approach prom fashion by promoting eco-friendly fashion and fostering a feeling of community and support among students. This effort, with its creative approach, shows that affordability and environmental awareness can coexist, breaking down financial barriers of entry to for prom and making it more sustainable all the while. 


About the Contributors

Niru Shivakumar

staff writer

Niru Shivakumar is a junior at Leland High School and is a staff writer for The Charger Account. During her free time, she enjoys playing sports, hanging out with her friends, and listening to music.

Dana Lim


Dana Lim is a junior at Leland High School and is an artist for The Charger Account. During her free time, she loves watching movies, listening to music, and taking 5hr naps

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