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Freshman class cabinet takes office

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

By Aaron Dalton Nov. 3, 2021

On Sept. 25, the Associated Student Body (ASB) announced the freshman class officers: President Jeffrey Tseng, Vice President Elia Carl, Secretary Songhee Rha and Treasurer Caleb Park. The cabinet plans to host fundraising events, organize class activities, introduce new merch and create a safe environment.

The new freshman cabinet just finished working on homecoming week preparations, including the class skit and the homecoming social. Utilizing his previous experience as captain of his club hockey team, Tseng intends to make up for lost time caused by virtual learning.

“I have learned that leadership means knowing how to communicate and raise morale amongst my teammates. I want to hold more fundraisers and social events, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be more difficult. However, despite these challenges, I am confident that we can do it, since we are all in this together,” Tseng said.

Freshman Jeffery Tseng, the new

freshman president.

Although none of the cabinet members have previously served in student government or ran for an elected office, they decided to run for class cabinet to gain more leadership experience. Carl wants to improve her leadership skills by working with her peers to ensure that her classmates have a smooth and successful school year. Similarly, Rha also looks forward to working with and learning from her fellow cabinet members.

Freshman Elia Carl takes on

the role of Vice President.

“I originally joined ASB to improve my leadership skills, but as the school year progressed, I realized that I could play a bigger role if I ran for an officer position. As an officer, I would be able to collaborate with other officers,” Rha said.

On the left: Freshman Songhee Rha succeeds in her run for Secretary.

While campaigning, the candidates used social media and flyers to introduce themselves to their classmates. Each candidate created Instagram accounts and posted photos and videos highlighting their skills. They also encouraged students to vote during the online voting window.

“Since many people in our class likely did not know me well, I knew I needed to make good first impressions. Rather than focusing on being extremely professional, I wanted to come across as approachable and genuine,” Park said.

This year, the cabinet would like to improve the merchandise offered to students. Since selling merchandise is important to ASB’s fundraising efforts, the officers believe that it is important to excite students about the items sold.

“After seeing some of the apparel currently available, I thought I could introduce more fresh and trendy designs into our clothing options, such as collared shirts and windbreakers,” Park said.

By working together, the incoming freshmen cabinet inspires to elevate their class’s experience. The officers want to give back to their class and become leaders that the student body can depend on. Ultimately, the cabinet looks forward to providing a memorable year for their class.

Freshman Caleb Park introduces

fresh ideas as the new Treasurer.

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About the Contributor

Aaron Dalton

Staff Writer

Aaron is a freshman at Leland high school. He is a staff writer for the Charger Account. In his free time, He likes to play basketball with his friends, eat Chick-Fil-A, and travel.

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