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Dolce Spazio Gelato

By Anna Yue Nov. 9, 2023

Founded in 1980, Dolce Spazio Gelato is a traditional dessert café and espresso bar located in the heart of Los Gatos. They offer a wide variety of post-meal delights, serving anything from sorbets and root beer floats to croissants and chocolate cakes, as well as their signature dessert: house-made Italian gelato.

I recently visited the café on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and the shop’s appearance immediately caught my eye upon arrival. The traditional brick walls contrasted with the drastically more modern structures surrounding the shop. The interior of the shop was dimly lit by warm lights, creating a private yet cozy and comfortable space for all of those craving something sweet.

I was quickly lost in the 16 flavors of gelato displayed behind the glass, and after a few minutes of intense contemplation, I decided to go with two of their best-selling flavors, the Amaretto Almond and Oreogasmic. The amaretto flavor immediately filled my mouth as the gelato began to melt away, revealing almond chunks ready to be crunched. The Oreo flavor was just what one would expect: creamy and full of crushed cookies. The Oreo bits provided each bite with a surprise, adding intensity to the vanilla base. Whenever I got tired of the Oreos, I simply scooped a spoon from the refreshing amaretto side.

Surprisingly, even as someone who enjoys less sweet desserts, I did not find the gelato’s sweetness to be overpowering, which suited its rich and creamy texture perfectly. The only tradeoff of the satisfactory texture is the melting speed of the dessert, so make sure to ask for napkins if you decide to take it to-go.

I also ordered the Chocolate Buttermilk Cake, which was too sweet for my liking; I encountered a sick feeling after eating only a third of the slice. Despite that, the texture is all that one can ask for in a cake: the frosting was smooth and creamy while the cake itself was light and fluffy.

I would highly recommend this place for a quick dessert after a meal, or just a place to hang out with a friend. Dolce Spazio Gelato is one of the best ice cream parlors I have visited, and I would definitely come back again later to explore the rest of their flavors.


About the contributor

Anna Yue

staff writer

Anna Yue is a sophomore staff writer for The Charger Account. During her free time, she enjoys crocheting, sleeping, watching dramas, listening to music and reading web novels,

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