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Day's lucky day

Updated: Feb 16

By Gwen Carroll Feb. 14, 2024

As the rolling camera cut, the lights dimmed and Nick Day, Speech Therapist, walked off the set $7,600 richer. Although he was not the episode’s big winner, Day had managed to cross off one of the most daunting items on his bucket list: to appear as a contestant on his all-time favorite game show, Wheel of Fortune.

Games had claimed a spot in Day’s list of hobbies ever since he was a small child. Enamored with the joy of winning a game, he soon became increasingly fixated on game shows, particularly those featuring word games, reveling in the adrenaline rush of a win.

“I have always been very fond of games. I love to watch people win and take part in the infectious enthusiasm that comes from it. I wanted to be able to provide that joy myself, but I never saw participating on a game show myself as much more than a pipe dream, especially after several of my applications were ignored,” Day said.

Subsequently, he was shocked when the application he had sent in on a whim to Wheel of Fortune in 2020 was accepted for a round of virtual auditions—three years after he submitted it. The audition process was nerve-wracking and difficult, but Day pulled it off nonetheless. Not long after the auditions ended, Day received an email offering him a spot. Without hesitation, he accepted.

Despite the high stakes, Day felt very little anxiety during the taping because of the episode’s fast pace—there was never a moment of rest, even between games. Before the taping, Day met participants from other episodes that were being filmed simultaneously. The mutual buzz of excitement in the air made it impossible to feel anxious. Additionally, on top of his bonding with fellow contestants, Day had familial support.

“My mom flew all the way out from Louisiana to come watch the taping. Knowing that there was someone watching who was rooting just for me was a very encouraging feeling. We both understood that by being on set, I was fulfilling a longtime dream of mine and we were able to reconnect because of her support. I want to spend my prize money on a trip to Hawaii and invite my mother as thanks for being in my corner the whole time,” Day said.

While some may feel empty after achieving a lifelong dream, Day has experienced little of this sentiment. If anything, he views his appearance on Wheel of Fortune as less of a peak and more of a debut, stating that although his time on this show may be over, there are countless more shows to take his chances on. Indeed, Wheel of Fortune may turn out to simply be the first of a series of television appearances for Day.


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Gwen Carroll

page editor

Gwen Carroll is a junior and the Page Editor for Community News and Feature School. She enjoys playing rhythm games in her free time. Her favorite subject is English and is interested in psychology and law.

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