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Crêpe delight: Lady M Cake Boutique

By Hannah Moon Mar. 17, 2021

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Rating: (4/5) Classic flavors, fancy cake designs, on the pricier side.

As I walked towards the corner in front of Macy’s on the first floor of Valley Fair’s Westfield mall, I was met with the clean storefront of Lady M Cake Boutique. The shop’s interior resembled a high-end jewelry store, with elegantly decorated cakes placed on pearl white cake stands and pristine countertops, and the sophisticated atmosphere was not what I was expecting from a confectionary shop.

Originally founded in New York, the Lady M chain now has over 45 locations around the globe in cities from Irvine to Shanghai. In addition to a variety of cakes, the dessert shop also offers bonbons, which are small candies delicately wrapped and placed into boxes, made for gifting.

Although the store was small, it made up for the lack of space with a comprehensive assortment of desserts. Since the boutique is best known for its cakes, I decided to order four cakes: a signature crepe cake, a chocolate crepe cake, a green tea crepe cake and a red velvet cake.

Lady M’s Mille crepe cake is made with over 40 alternating layers of paper thin crepes and pastry cream. The cakes were finished by drizzling a thin layer of icing, making them extremely glossy. The edges of the crepes were slightly toasted which added a warm brown aura to the cake. After snapping a few pictures of the vibrant cakes, I was finally going to see if they were as good as they looked.

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First, I tried the chocolate crepe cake. It tasted like an average chocolate cake but the texture was exceptionally rich and fluffy. Next, I took a bite of the signature crepe cake. Although it tasted like sweet egg tarts, I found the creaminess too overpowering. The red velvet cake was good, but there was nothing notable about it. My favorite was the matcha crepe cake, which had an elegant coating of Japanese powdered matcha. The subtle bitter notes of the matcha harmonized perfectly with the richness and sweetness of the cake, and it was irresistibly good.

Overall, my Lady M boutique experience was pleasant, and I enjoyed trying crepe cakes for the first time. For anyone who is looking for a diverse variety of cakes, Lady M boutique may be a cool place to try!

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About the Contributor

Hannah Moon

Opinions Editor

Hannah Moon is a Junior at Leland High School. She is the page editor for Opinions and the food columnist for this year. Aside from growing up in San Jose, she has lived in Shanghai for 7 years.

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