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Scheduling season starts

Updated: Apr 18

By Eleanor Gil and Amie Ahn Apr. 3, 2024

Kayla Choi Art

A few weeks ago, the school was in course registration season, with students contemplating their schedules for the next year. 

Like every year, counselors held course pathway presentations during students’ English classes to detail the various course options and pathways available. Students then filled out a Google Form to input their desired courses, which the counselors will use as a cross reference to build schedules.

The school also partners with San Jose City College to offer courses such as Math 73/78, ASL, Japanese and Psychology/Sociology. However, Psychology/Sociology had mandatory interest workshops and a  lottery enrollment process this year due to its popularity.

Another unique pathway open to upperclassmen was the Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE) program, which offers a myriad of interactive in-person courses. Enrolled students spend half of their day at SVCTE, while the other is spent at the school. 

There are also two new courses being offered this year: weightlifting and Ethnic Studies US History (ES US History). While weightlifting will be offered to any student for a second year of P.E. credits, ES US History will be offered only to juniors.

“The History Department decided that Ethnic Studies may be a potential requirement for high school graduation, so they want to ensure students have completed it. We will offer ES US History to juniors as another option to meet this requirement,” Alexander Tsou, Counseling Department, said.

 According to Nathan Lee, History Department, ES US History and US history have similar course content. However, ES US History will delve more deeply into the cultural contributions of different ethnic groups and how historical events impacted them. 

A few weeks after the course pathway presentations, course registration presentations took place during History classes. There, counselors guided students in inputting their courses into Infinite Campus (IC). Both the Google Form and IC registration are due April 4 at 8 a.m.

When finalizing her schedule, Junior Elinor Segev admits she was influenced by her parents’ opinions but still stayed true to her own future plans, recommending students to do the same. Similarly, Freshman Kashvi Garg recommends choosing a balanced, manageable schedule.

“The workload of a course was a major factor in my decision-making process. I built a schedule that would allow me to focus on other aspects of my life, including my extracurriculars and social life,” Garg said.

Now that course decisions have been made, students eagerly await next year’s schedules.


About the Contributors

Eleanor Gil

staff writer

Eleanor Gil is currently a sophomore at Leland High and an enthusiastic writer for The Charger Account. She spends her free time cultivating her deep passions for environmental sustainability and renewable energy, neuroscience and psychology, the law, tennis, and viola.

Amie Ahn

staff writer

Amie Ahn is a freshman at Leland High School and is a writer for The Charger Account. During her free time, she enjoys eating, sleeping, and spending time with her friends.

Kayla Choi


Kayla Choi is a senior at Leland High School and an artist for Leland journalism. she likes listening to gidle, wave to earth and dpr ian.

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