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Andrew Tate: Face of media misogyny

By Lauren Wilson Feb. 15, 2023

Right-wing social media influencer Emory Andrew Tate rapidly has grown in popularity online over the last decade for his videos promoting misogynistic views. Advocating for violence against women and toxic masculinity, Tate is seen as a role model by many young men, but is widely criticized by the numerous viewers who find his content incredibly toxic.

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35-year old Andrew Tate is known as a popular internet celebrity who promotes sexist views and “high value men.” He claims that to be a “high value man” in a relationship, men should have total control over their girlfriend or wife. According to The Independent UK News, in August 2022, Tate had 4.6 million followers on Instagram and the hashtag “#AndrewTate” received 12.7 billion views on Tiktok. Tate began his social media presence on Twitter in 2011, and he continued to use Twitter as his central platform until 2017—when he was banned for violating terms of service for tweeting, “If you put yourself in a position to be raped, you must bear some responsibility” amidst the #MeToo movement. Tate then switched platforms, moving to TikTok and Youtube in 2022. Tate also created podcasts sharing his beliefs on marriage, relationships and dating. Despite Tate’s massive following, many viewers found his content sinister and worried about the influence his posts would have on his supporters. Tate’s message is interpreted to be that women are inferior to men and that their main purpose in life is to be controlled. Critics of Tate believe that he not only invalidates the experiences of sexual assault victims, but also indicates to young boys that it is okay to engage in abusive behaviors. The White Ribbon Charity, a women’s rights charity working against violence, states that Tate’s derogatory comments create violent environments that encourage men to abuse and murder women.

“Andrew Tate makes a lot of sexist comments which many people, including myself, do not agree with, but that is why he attracts attention. He argues that today's ‘woke’ movements have emasculated men and have even placed them below women in the social pyramid. Tate is not a figure to be completely hated and is a very misunderstood individual. Tate will be like any other trend as he will be remembered, but will not have much of an effect in our day to day lives,” said Junior Abhishek Roy.

By Aug. 2022, Tate was banned from Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and Youtube, as stated by the Revolutionary Program Design Newsletter. The platforms explained that they believed Tate spreads hate and banned him in order to protect others from his rhetoric. His statements degrading women were regarded as violations of terms of service. However, Tate’s Twitter account was reinstated following Elon Musks’s purchase of the company.

Additionally, CBS News announced that Tate and his brother were detained on Dec. 29, 2022 on charges of involvement with an organized crime group associated with rape and human trafficking. Prosecutors said they found six women had been sexually exploited by the group. Prosecutors claim the group recruited and housed women with the intention of using them to create pornagraphic material to be sold on websites.

“Because of Tate’s influence, his viewers will think objectifying women is acceptable. His comments seemed like jokes at first, but now that Tate is in jail for human trafficking, we need to completely get rid of his platform so young children will not be swayed by his content,” Sophomore Alisha Ahuja said.

While Tate has been called out for his toxic and misogynistic behavior, and even been arrested, the influence he has on his audience is not forgotten. One student from the school remarked that he will continue to admire Tate despite his criminal charges.


About the Contributors

Lauren Wilson

staff writer

Lauren Wilson attends Leland High School as a sophomore. She is a staff writer for journalism. Activities she enjoys doing consist of walking her dogs, painting, taking naps, and cheerleading.

Harry Kang


Harry Kang is a sophomore at Leland High School currently working as an artist for The Charger Account. During his free time, Harry likes to listen to Frank Ocean and procrastinate on school work.

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