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Fond Farewell


The insight you provide in your opinions column has constantly inspired new perspectives and proactivity! Your tireless work ethic has made Feature World a pleasure to read. You will go above and beyond at Cal!

Keerthana Ramaswamy


During times of stress, your bright attitude has never failed to lighten the mood. We will miss your goofy jokes and amazing work on Community News. You will do great things at Westpoint!

Edward Jung


Thank you for your willingness to experiment with page designs! Your commitment to Journalism has been evident in your contributions to both School News and Viewpoint. We wish you the best of luck at UCSB!

Claire Han


Throughout the past year, your determination on Entertainment has been admirable. Thank you for your endless commitment to Journalism. Have a good time at UCSB!

Meghna Chandrasekar


Your timeliness and attention to detail has made Opinions a breeze to work on! During times of crisis, you have always stuck it through with us. We will miss your witty remarks and steadfast attitude! We wish you the best at Amherst!

Kathy Xing


Your contributions to Sports and as a photographer has proved invaluable! Through your perseverance and willingness to learn, you have demonstrated amazing growth! Have fun at SJSU!

Tiffany Mai


Thank you for offering your help in photographing school events throughout the year. Your commitment to Journalism has been key to the success of our paper! We know you will achieve many things at Cal Poly SLO!

Jeffrey Tan


Your artistic talent has shown through in your work on Sports. During your time in Journalism, you have always been reliable and cooperative. Best of luck at CMU! Just remember that Lacrosse is the name of a sport!

Ethan Hwang


Thank you for always providing your crisp drawings to the paper! Your have done a great job covering interesting topics on Lifestyle. Congratulations on your acceptance to NYU!

Isabel Zhou


Even though “Where’s Rishab?” was one of the most said phrases this year, we have always been impressed with your timeliness and reliability! Thank you for your hard work on Entertainment! You will go far at Cal!

Rishab Satyakaal


Through your creativity and eye for design, you have never failed to impress us with your Viewpoint spreads each month! Thank you for your unwavering dedication to Journalism; great things are in store for you at UCLA!

Yeji Jeong


Your skill as an artist has complimented the design of every page you have worked on! Thank you for offering your help when we most needed it! We know you will further your talents at UC Davis!

Alyssa Chen


Your sharp and dynamic photos have never failed to amaze us! We will miss the ambition you have demonstrated in and outside of the classroom! You will do great things at Case Western!

Yuyi Lu

Leland Bridge
Your generous donations have continually provided us with the means to continue printing and serving the community
Parent Club
We greatly appreciate the countless hours you have spent assisting us with distribution. With you help, we have brought our community closer.
Custodial Staff
 Thank you for being there for us when our print nights have run many hours past seventh period. We hold deep respect for your dedication to the school.
Good Luck! We will always remember you! - The Charger Account 2019-2020

Carolyn Nguyen Art

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