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A Letter From Mr. Park

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Courtesy of Yearbook

Dear Leland Chargers,

As we conclude the 2020-21 instructional year, I want to take time to reflect upon this unique experience. Hopefully in August, Leland will return to being a full comprehensive high school, where in-person instruction, along with student interactions make up the majority of the student experience.

More importantly, globally, I hope that we never return to a place where we have to isolate ourselves from our routines, people, and the world.

With the current progress that we have made with vaccines and safety protocols, most of our state is in a better situation than we were 6 months ago. In fact, we are experiencing many transitions where interactions amongst people are increasing – with precautions of course.

School-wise, I am not exactly sure what next year will look like. I do know that we will certainly plan out the 2021-22 year just like we did pre-Covid years. I expect to see students back in classrooms, I expect to see students eating lunch together, and I expect to see students engaged in extracurriculars/athletics. Now, I can say confidently that this is the best way to do school.

I firmly believe that the more time that we put between us and this year, the recollection will be expansive. Rather than just the challenges dominating our memories, we will also realize and recognize our resolve as well.

Think about how quickly we created an online school – and when I say ‘we,’ I do mean all of us (parents, staff, and students). Or how quickly we organized distribution and collection: from textbooks to yearbooks!

We figured out how to bring back in-person instruction, athletics, and extracurriculars. And now, for our seniors, we will also have a graduation ceremony on campus —twice. Plus, a virtual graduation as well.

My point is, we have adapted and we have shown our resolve. Despite the challenges, we all made this year work. Job well done, Leland Chargers. As we like to say here, Charge On!

With Care,

Mr. Park

Beomhee Kim Art

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